The Laboratory of Environmental Sanitary Engineering (LISA) in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering of the University of Padua is proposed as a support for public bodies and private companies that face problems related to compliance with environmental regulations or that need to realize works and interventions to protect the environment.
The LISA Laboratory is equipped with specialized equipment for the quality control of water, sludge, solid waste and contaminated land and has areas dedicated to the construction and operation of lab-scale and pilot-scale plants for research and experimentation activities. The Laboratory LISA performs all the main physical, chemical or physico-chemical analyzes for environmental protection, performs specialized experimental tests, takes care of the development of experimental equipment and plants, issues certificates and reports with technical and scientific evaluations. The activity of the LISA Laboratory is carried out by highly qualified technical and scientific personnel, in compliance with the analytical methods and official control procedures required by national and international legislation.

Main activities
Analysis activity / Chemical and chemical-physical analyzes of civil, agricultural or industrial wastewater / Analysis of solid waste derived product (IMAGE method) / Chemical and physical analysis of solid waste and sludge / Analysis of the biological stability of solid waste by respirometric and fermentation techniques (respirometric index, black index, biomethanation test, potential hydrogen production test) / Analysis on the potentials of energy use for putrescible waste or agricultural biomass / Investigations on the quality of the compost and its potential for use.

Experimental and field activities:

  • Investigations and evaluations for the recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste, of industrial waste and of residues and biomass of agricultural production
  • Environmental monitoring of landfills
  • Control of landfill biogas migrations and verification of the efficiency of extraction systems
  • In-situ aeration test
  • Investigations and field tests for the reclamation of old landfills by in-situ aeration
  • Investigations and evaluation of the treatment of wastewater and landfill leachate
  • Investigations and assessment of the possibility of reclamation of contaminated land
  • Sampling of soil, groundwater and gas by GEOPROBE probe

Tools supplied:

  • Analytical instrumentation (ICP, AAS, GC, GC / MS, TOC)
  • Respirometers (Sapromat E-type, Dynamic Reactors)
  • Column reactors, mixing and extraction equipment (Jar Tests, Centrifuges, Shredders) and experimental plants in batch and continuous for surveys and tests to be performed at laboratory and / or pilot scale
  • Instrumentation and equipment for field surveys and tests (static room for biogas collection, water level indicators, pumps, blowers, mobile station for in-situ aeration tests of old landfills)
  • GEOPROBE probe mounted on off-road vehicle

Environmental – personal health engineering laboratory

Person In Charge:
Prof. Raffaello Cossu

Dr. Eng. Maria Cristina Lavagnolo
Dr. Ing. Roberto Raga
Dr. Ing. Alberto Pivato

Dr. Annalisa Sandon