Raffaello Cossu graduated in Chemical Engineer at the Technical University of Milan in 1973. Researcher at the Institute of Sanitary Engineering, Technical University of Milan from 1973 to 1983. From 1984-1986 Associate Professor of Waste Management Technologies, Technical University of Milan. From 1986-1997 Full Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Cagliari.
Since 1997 Full Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Padova.
He has spent several research placements in various scientific Institutions and has been invited as Visiting Professor to numerous Universities worldwide.
He is member of the International Mentors Group for the Environmental Engineering Programme of the University of Kalmar in Sweden, Chairman of the Italian Technical Committee for Guidelines on Sanitary Landfill, Italian Coordinator of the Governmental Agreement on Waste Management between Italy and Japan, founding member of the European Waste Club.
He is Editor in chief of the International Journal “Waste Management“, published by Elsevier.
He is founder and past President of the IWWG – International Waste Working Group, an international scientific association for waste management.
Since 1987 he has been Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International “Sardinia” Symposia on Sanitary Landfill, held on a biennial basis in Sardinia (IT), promoted by the EU and by the US Environmental Protection Agency, constituting the most important conference worldwide in the field. Since 2006, he has been Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the biennial International “Venice” Symposia on Energy from biomass and waste.
He is author of more than 200 scientific publications and co-editor of five international books on waste management.